Server migration (Update)

Server migration (Update)

November 1, 2016
PPI internal
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Dear Members, dear pirates!

The hosting contract of PPI for most of our services ends tomorrow. We are temporarily relocating the server, as arrangements are made to consolidate the whole IT infrastructure.

Some unavailability periods might be observed during the next 72 hours, as services are relocated.

The availability of the following services will be affected:

• mailman (our distribution lists)
• redmine
• several websites (parrot, conferences)
• file sharing
• calendar

Thank you for your patience in the meantime. We try to set it up as fast as possible.

If something urgent arises during this period and the board is not available, please feel free to contact the board members directly.

Best regards
Thomas Gaul
Pirate Parties International (PPI)
– General Secretary –

UPDATE (2016-11-02): The migration is finished, all services are up and running. Unfortunately, as a follow-up to it some spamkillers might push the e-mails received in the spam bin. So in case, please check your spam bin.