Standing Committee on Universal Liason on Party Labour (SCULL) – Graphics and Design Teams

Standing Committee on Universal Liason on Party Labour (SCULL) – Graphics and Design Teams

Dear Pirates,

We hereby invite you to the second meeting of the Standing Committee on Universal Liason on Party Labour, also known as the SCULL Committee.

When: Sunday, March.29th, 2020 at 21:00 CET

As per our introduction of this standing committee in January, 2020:

“We initiate the SCULL meetings this year with the goal to foster cooperation among PPI’s members. This Standing Committee aims to extend the direct communications not only between the international coordinators of the Pirate Parties, but also among those, who is helping to run them – the IT, the Graphics and Design teams, those who handle the Membership registers, and so on.”

You may recall that the first SCULL meeting focused on IT Infrastructure, how it is handled by Pirates in different countries, as well as how PPI can provide IT support to our members. This resulted in the formation of an IT working group, which is currently exploring PPI’s internal tech setup in order to understand it better, with the intention of being able to provide things like ‘essential tech’ packages for new Pirates, in addition to other services that our members may want and need.

The topic of the second SCULL meeting is graphics and design, or more broadly, how we utilize art to promote our ideas and represent our movement to the world. We are interested in learning what your practices are when it comes to design work, how you deal with licensing and the corporate/legal aspects, and exploring not only how these things are done differently from country to country but also how to establish a set of “best practices”, if there are any.

Additionally, PPI members have come to us and said that it would be very beneficial to have a central place for Pirates around the world to share graphics easily. Well, we agree! So let’s figure out how to make that happen, too.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

1) Introductions
2) Graphical standards and design practices
3) Legal/“corporate” issues (licencing, etc)
4) PPI graphics vault
5) Anything your little Pirate hearts desire 😉
6) AOB

If there is anything you would like to add to the agenda, feel free to let us know! We look forward to having this conversation with you and we are hoping it will result in a project to benefit Pirates everywhere.

This is a public meeting, all are welcome, and please be aware that it will be recorded and posted online afterwards.

See you at the meeting!

PPI Board 2020