INVITE: Online Advertising Discussion (SCENE)

INVITE: Online Advertising Discussion (SCENE)

Dear Pirates,

We would like to invite you to a meeting of the SCENE committee on Wednesday, October 13th. The topic for this meeting is the Google Ad Grant [1] which PPI has been approved for, as well as an exchange of experiences about online advertisement by Pirate Parties in general.

The Google Ad Grant is a grant of up to 10,000 USD per month in Google search ads for approved NGOs. It is a tool for gaining visibility and in turn, raising awareness and gaining support for one’s cause(s). We would like to discuss with our members how to use it in a way that benefits the whole Pirate community. We will also have a special guest, Richard Stinnner, a marketing expert and team member of the public relations team of Pirate Party of Germany, who has experience with the Google Ad Grant and will be at the meeting to give us a presentation about it, as well as online advertisements in general.

When: Wednesday, October 13th at 12:00 UTC/14:00 CEST

Where: PPI BigBlueButton room

Please bring your ideas and questions related to the Google Ad Grant and how it may benefit your party and the Pirate movement as a whole. Do not hesitate to reach out to the PPI board with questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you there!

PPI Board