Call for Speakers, Sponsors, and Participants for Think Twice Three (TT3): March 2-4, 2018 in Jerusalem

Call for Speakers, Sponsors, and Participants for Think Twice Three (TT3): March 2-4, 2018 in Jerusalem

Think Twice Conference III: The Jerusalem Forum on Online Freedom and Global Cooperation 


The Think Twice Conference (TT3) will bring academics, IT professionals, nonprofit and governmental organizations, and social activists together to present and discuss solutions towards creating a free and fair online regime. Prior Think Twice conferences were held in 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany and in 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event is sponsored by Pirate Parties International, and numerous leaders of Pirate Parties from around the world will be attending and speaking. This event is open to the public, as well as members of other organizations who seek to debate policies that respect net neutrality and human rights. The goal of the event is to bring together a variety of individuals and organizations from different fields of expertise and backgrounds. We are seeking speakers, sponsors, presenters and volunteers for the upcoming event that will be held March 2nd to 4th, 2018 in Jerusalem. This event will take place directly after the Purim holiday festivals, and attendees are encouraged to arrive a couple days before the event. The conference will also include a day of touring around the city. The preferred language of the speeches is English. Below you will find a discussion of the themes for the conference and information about applying. We hope that by reading this you are already interested in attending, and if so we encourage you to apply to be a speaker, sponsor, presenter, and/or volunteer. Any inquiries can be sent to


Call for Participants:

There will be limited seating for the event. A small fee of 100 shekels (25 euros) will be charged per day of the event, or 200 shekels (50 euros) for the full 3-day event. The participation fee will include some meals and other amenities. This is a non-profit event. Discounted rates (50% off) are available for individuals with limited financial means. Please reserve your place by sending an email with the subject line #TT3participant:


Call for Speakers

We welcome speakers who will contribute to this debate from four different perspectives: governmental, nonprofits, business, and activists. We are offering four venues to speak at the event: 1) workshops, 2) panel speakers, 3) small group speakers, and 4) large hall speakers.

You are asked to either present in a panel discussion (“Redefining Government Responsibility in Online Environments”), organize a workshop, or speak at the lecture hall. Critical discussions should be presented on one or more of the following subfields: online democracy, the political challenges of governing a free internet, regulations and deregulations of online environments, national and international policies of pirate parties, freedom of expression, security communities, crowdfunding and local/global economy, creative commons and the controversies of copyrights, the future of the digital world, and other related topics.

A number of well-known politicians, business representatives, nonprofit leaders, and activists will be invited to speak. However, the call for speakers is competitive and open to the public. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please forward them this call for speakers. Decisions on speakers will be made by the board of PPI. If you are interested in applying, please read through the description of the speakers and fill out the form below. If you are interested in presenting at the event, such as by a poster or at a booth, please see the call for presenters below.

Government Focus: speakers who will contribute to redefining the boundaries of government transparency and privacy invasion. These speakers may be representatives or candidates for government, academics, or professionals from non-governmental organizations.

Nonprofit Focus: speakers who can discuss advocacy projects and community activities. These speakers should be leaders from nonprofit organizations that aim to assist communities gain access to open source technologies and similar solutions.

Business Focus: speakers should discuss the current issue of patents and open source technology.

Activists: some speakers do not fit neatly into the category of an organization. Some of the biggest players today in creating social change are bloggers and concerned individuals who have attracted a large following.


Call for Presenters

Space will be made available for presenting visual media, such as posters, art work, or online materials, at the event. Researchers, students, artists, and others are invited to submit a description of the visual media that they would like to present. An hour of the conference will be reserved for making presentations and presenting your visual media to the audience. Presentations should represent the themes of the conference: online democracy, free internet, pirate parties, freedom of expression, and other related topics.


Call for Volunteers

Individuals are needed who will assist during the event. Will you be coming to the conference? Would you be interested in assisting for part of the event? There will be a number of ways that you can assist, which should be a fun way to be involved, for example a hackathon. There will be a group within the conference that is focused on investigating open source projects to foster collaboration across the Middle East.


Call for Sponsors

Are you interested in supporting a multinational audience of online activists in Jerusalem? If so, we encourage you to contribute to this event. All individuals who attend must sponsor the event in some form (see Green Sponsor below). Opportunities are also available to set up an exhibitor’s booth. Sponsorship is not necessarily monetary. Sponsors may provide hardware and other needs for the event directly, such as live feed internet set up, projectors, sound boards and printouts. We will not be accepting sponsorships that exceed 25% of the total event costs. Sponsors should support some of the ideals established within the resolutions of PPI,, such as access to medicine, fair and balanced copyright, net neutrality, basic income, right to privacy, public transparency, global democracy, denouncement of unjust penal codes, etc. All sponsor requests will be considered by the board of PPI.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Platinum Sponsor: 2500 euros (Event sponsor). Complementary seats will be provided for up to 20 people, and a representative from your organization is invited to speak at the opening of the event. You will be able to present two exhibitor tables at the event to hand out information or merchandise. Your organization’s logo will be featured on the cover of the conference booklet, and a full page ad will be available in the conference booklet. Your logo will also be recognized on the conference website and venue materials. Handwritten letter will be sent from a Pirate activist following the event.

Gold Sponsor: 1000 euros (Sponsor a large hall lecture, panel, or hackathon). Complementary seats will be provided for up to 10 people. You will be able to present two exhibitor tables at the event to hand out information or merchandise. Full page ad will be available in the conference booklet and logo will be recognized on the conference website and venue materials. Handwritten letter will be sent from a Pirate activist following the event.

Silver Sponsor: 500 euros (Sponsor a small lecture or workshop). Complementary seats will be provided for up to 5 people. You will be able to present an exhibitor table at the event to hand out information or merchandise. Your logo will be recognized on the conference website and venue materials. Handwritten letters will be sent from a Pirate activist following the event.)

Bronze Sponsor: 100 euros (Sponsor a speaker or visual media presenter). Complementary seats will be provided for up to 3 people. Your logo will be recognized on the conference website and at the commencement of the speaker’s or presenter’s address. Handwritten letter will be sent from the speaker who you assisted to attend the event.

Green Sponsor: 50 euros, other monetary amount for those with limited means, and those lending hardware or services for the event. (Sponsor the movement). All attendees are green sponsors. A complimentary seat will be provided, along with breakfast and lunch. Your name will be recognized on the conference website. Lots of love will be provided.

Additional ways to be a sponsor: Host an attendee from abroad at your home. Volunteer during the event (link above), provide hardware for the event, provide hardware (projectors, cameras, video streaming system, sound system for each room plus microphones, decoration for the rooms, whiteboards…).

Please contact us if your budget does not enable you to contribute enough to be a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum sponsor, but you have a very worthy cause that you feel should be recognized at the conference.


Call for Musical Performers

We are looking to recruit bands, DJs, or other performance artists who will perform at the end of each of the conference sessions.


We look forward to seeing you there,


The Board of PPI

Guillaume Saouli Chairman

Bailey Lamon Vice-Chairwoman

Thomas Gaul General Secretary

Keith L. Goldstein Treasurer

Raymond Johansen Board Member

Andrew Reitemeyer Board Member

Koen de Voegt Board Member

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