PPI General Assembly Munich 2018: Deadlines, delegates, registration and motions

PPI General Assembly Munich 2018: Deadlines, delegates, registration and motions

On the 3rd and 4th of November our yearly General Assembly, in Munich and online, will go down. As a member party there are a few things you will need to do in order to prepare and that we need in order for us to be able to finish organizing the event. Without your timely help with this our job gets harder. Thank you in advance!

Table of Contents/Deadlines/Link
1. Meeting space/Zoom (remote delegates) – October 19th – Click here!
2. Debating/Discourse – October 19th – Click here!
3. Voting – October 25th
4. Your statute amendments and membership applications – October 6th – Click here!
5. Your motions – Last minute – Click here!
6. Your delegates – October 19th – Click here!

1. Meeting space/Zoom

This step is mainly for those who will be participating remotely. Choose your [max] 6 delegates and ask them to register with our video conference system. Without it, your voices will not be heard. Delegates can choose to use audio only. If you are coming to Munich it is not necessary to register in Zoom, but you are still welcome to do so if you’d like to be in the Zoom room in addition to the IRL meeting room.

DEADLINE: October 19th —-> Please register at https://zoom.us/meeting/register/25181d23d2881b15c5b9141539e44ee6

2. Debating/Discourse

Your delegates must also register with Discourse to be able to see motions and amendments leading up to the GA. Discourse debates will be opened two weeks before the GA and will allow us to save time at the event itself.

One of the main criticisms we received from a previous GA was that there was not enough time to discuss and debate issues before voting on them, and some members felt like they were not heard. Well, this time you have 2 FULL WEEKS to discuss everything, so use this time well!

DEADLINE: October 19th —-> Please register at https://ppi.savvy.ch/

3. Voting/Poll Everywhere

For economical and technical reasons we have decided against using Poll Everywhere we will therefore revert back to simply letting our members vote by sending emails.

DEADLINE: October 25th —–> Please send your official voting email address to board@pp-international.net

4. Your statute amendments and membership applications

To propose changes to our statutes or apply for membership or observer membership you simply email us. Click for membership application: https://wiki.pp-international.net/wiki/index.php?title=Membership_application

DEADLINE: October 6th – 23:59 CEST —–> Please send that email to board@pp-international.net

5. Your motions

You can propose motions for the General Assembly up to the last minute. Our board will check your motion up against the statutes and accept or deny your motion, based on that.

To propose a motion or nominate someone for the board or other positions you can also go to Discourse, (https://ppi.savvy.ch/), and click “New topic” when you are registered. (See point 2.)

DEADLINE: Until end of conference

6. Your delegates

The only way we know who represents your national party through Discourse, Zoom or Poll Everywhere – or even in Munich – is for an official email account to confirm your delegates. Without having this information we cannot proceed. You can use your real identity or a pseudonym, if that’s your thing, we’ll just need confirmation that you are your party’s official delegate.

Please email us your delegates names and email addressees. Also please nominate an official email address that will be allowed to vote and receive updates.

DEADLINE: October 19th —-> Email the board at board@pp-international.net


Thank you all for your help and cooperation through this process. We look forward to connecting with everyone at the GA, as well as seeing some of you IRL in Munich. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the board with any questions or concerns. Otherwise, see you in November!


PPI Board 2017-2018