Invitation to the Standing Committee on External Networking Engagement (SCENE)

Invitation to the Standing Committee on External Networking Engagement (SCENE)

Dear Pirates,

It is time to launch yet another standing committee! We happily invite you to the first meeting of the Standing Committee on External Networking Engagement, also known as SCENE. 

When: Monday, April 20th, 2020 at 20:20 CEST [yes, really at 20:20, just to switch things up ;)]


As the name suggests, the focus of this standing committee is public relations and networking. This includes things like best practices when dealing with the press as well as the work we do within our own press teams. It includes campaigning and what that looks like during elections and throughout the time in between elections. It also includes networking and building connections with those who are interested in our work and/or doing similar work themselves. All in all, this is a conversation about how Pirates are portrayed and how we relate to the public, the messages we send and how to do so effectively. 

We want to bring Pirates together to learn from each other how networking and PR work is done, what are the best practices and how we can build upon these practices at the international level. All are welcome, however this meeting is particularly relevant for those involved in the public relations aspects of organizing, such as social media, press teams and campaign teams.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

    1) Introductions

    2) Pirate PR–press relations, social media, etc.

    3) Networking strategies

    4) Everything to do with campaigning

    5) Any other business

You are welcome to suggest additional agenda items. 

As with all of our meetings, this will be recorded and posted online afterwards. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

PPI Board 2020