Alexei Navalny Condolence Statement from Pirate Party of Russia

Alexei Navalny Condolence Statement from Pirate Party of Russia

The following is a translation of the statement from the Pirate Party of Russia about Alexei Navalny. For those of you who can read Russian, you can find the original post here:

Russian pirates participated with Alexei Navalny at the Internet Freedom Conference on December 7, 2019. You can find a video of his speech at that conference here:

1125 days in jail

I am not one of those who left the land

to the mercy of its enemies.

Their flattery leaves me cold,

my songs are not for them to praise.

Anna Akhmatova*

Back in November 2018, the Congress of the Pirate Party of Russia, a direct governing body consisting of all members of the party, made the following decision by a majority vote: The Pirate Party of Russia expresses a note of support to Alexei Navalny** in the fight for the implementation of the constitutional rights of citizens of the Russian Federation, including the right to vote and be elected. 5.5 years later, our country has entered the era of the pale horse, and we regret to admit that after 1125 days spent in custody after an unsuccessful poisoning, deprived of health, family, his country and even basic constitutional and human rights, Alexey Navalny** died.

We express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Alexey**, as well as to all the people who consider him a hero and leader of a free Russia.

This is what books will be written about you:

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.,”

Unpretentious boys –

Vanka, Vaska, Alyoshka, Grishka,—

Grandchildren, brothers, sons!

Anna Akhmatova*


In prisons not only in Russia – which has actually turned into a prison for all its inhabitants, but throughout the world, sparks of freedom are also glowing – people, thanks to their actions and beliefs, are recognized as dangerous to the enemies of freedom. But, as Alexey** said: “For the triumph of evil, the inaction of good people is necessary, so there is no need to be inactive.” We will not give up and call on everyone, both friends and opponents of Alexei, not to remain idle and continue the fight for their lives and freedom, and also to remember the enemies of freedom by name and contribute to retribution for their deeds.

We know what trembles in the scales,

What has to be accomplished.

The hour for courage. If all else fails,

With courage we are not unfurnished.

Anna Akhmatova*


A human is alive as long as the memory of him is alive. Alexey** left a huge legacy for all humanity, including the pirate movement. In memory of Alexey** we are publishing his speech at our Internet Freedom Conference in 2019 “Stop helping ghouls!”: 

Алексей Навальный «Прекратите помогать упырям!» | Internet Freedom Conference

​​* wife and mother of those whom the regime considered extremists and terrorists. 

** person included by the Russian Ministry of Justice in the list of organizations and individuals involved in terrorism and extremist activities