Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

The following are guidelines for admins who would like to present content on our social media accounts. These guidelines were established by PPI Board Member Bailey Lamon and the SCENE working group. Members who would like to share content with us should simply send an email or message to the board of PPI or a member who has admin access.

Social Media Guidelines for PPI Account Admins

-We encourage you to post content from Pirate Parties around the world. It doesn’t matter which level, it could be local, national, international, etc. Pirate activity, elections, victories, etc are always worth posting about.

-We encourage you to post about PPI meetings, events, UN events, and all activities PPI is involved in.

-We encourage you to also help promote PPEU and their activities/endeavours.-Examples of core “Pirate Issues”: copyright, surveillance, internet freedom, whistleblowers/info leaks, civil liberties, the intersections of technology and human rights

-That said, while we have our core issues that we tend to focus on as Pirates, these issues do not exist on their own. Everything is connected and our movement is known for taking socially just and progressive stances on all kinds of topics related to human rights and injustices around the globe. If you are unsure of whether or not to post something, feel free to ask the social media chat group for a second opinion. But don’t hesitate to post something just because it’s not directly related to what we consider to be the “core issues”, if you feel that Pirates would be interested in it.

-Please do not spread rumours, hearsay or conspiracy theories. Focus on real events and real issues.

-Please do not use our accounts to engage in personal conflict, even if (especially if) it involves other Pirates. This will result in immediate removal from all of our pages/accounts.

-Please do not use our accounts to promote or engage in any kind of bigoted or hateful ideologies. This will result in immediate removal from all of our pages/accounts.

-Please discuss with the group if you feel the need to make some kind of official statement on behalf of PPI. This isn’t so much referring to posting about a relevant topic and making a comment about it but more like, if something big happens in the world and you want PPI to take an official stance, that might need to be a larger discussion involving the membership, board, etc before we say anything on our social media channels.

-Just an idea but obviously not necessary: if a topic comes up from a country that is not yours, feel free to ask a Pirate from that country for a comment to go along with your post.

-Try to keep things as professional as you can. One of the great things about Pirates is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we love to make jokes and be lighthearted. You can certainly joke around and have fun when you post. Just be reasonable about it and try not to humiliate the organization.

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