Pirate Parties International (PPI) is a non-profit international non-governmental organisation with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Formed in 2010 it serves as a worldwide organisation for Pirate Parties, currently representing members from 43 countries. The Pirate Parties are political incarnations of the freedom of expression movement, trying to achieve their goals by the means of the established political system rather than through activism. Since 2016 the seat of PPI is Geneva/Switzerland. In 2017, PPI was admitted to ECOSOC as a special observing member.

The PPI advocates on the international level for the promotion of the goals its members share – such as the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the digital age, consumer and authors rights-oriented reform of copyright and related rights, support for information privacy, transparency and free access to information.

The name “Pirates” itself is a reappropriation of the title that was given to Internet users by the representatives of the music and film industries, and do not refer to any illegal activity.

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  1. allitomarzenlino says:

    piratu akbar

  2. Arthur Wyss says:

    I have a dream…no, not THAT dream!

    My name is Arthur Wyss, from Salt Lake City, Utah. I dream of freedom. I never expected to see freedom in my lifetime but I have to try. I am American but based on the current situation in the USA I don’t anticipate that freedom will catch on to the point where Freedom City USA will become feasible in the near future. We Americans are too addicted to using collective force (government) against other people to take their money and forcing them to obey orders so I looked at the rest of the world and then I wrote a proposal and sent it to Switzerland Global Enterprise with no expectation of a reply. To my great surprise, I did get a warm reply from Mr. Patrik Wermelinger, Head of Investment Promotion. It seems there is a minority of people in Switzerland who share my vision of freedom. Mr. Wermelinger informed me that we will need to promote this concept, raise public awareness, and discuss this Freedom City proposal in forums that will generate publicity if we have any hope of getting this proposal on the ballot for a vote in Switzerland or elsewhere. There are fairly large numbers of liberty minded folks in the FDP “Die Liberalen” political party in Switzerland. This is a realistic goal that is within reach.

    I hope to raise money to promote the concept of freedom and to seek a place where that dream can become a reality. The money I raise will go to advertise and otherwise promote the Freedom City concept. Secondarily if this freedom concept gains supporters it will be easier to find a place where Freedom City can be established. By the way, if you support me you will be welcome in Freedom City when it is established, possibly in Switzerland or maybe elsewhere.

    Swiss Freedom City Proposal

    This proposal is a plan for developing a setting that will attract not only the world’s best and brightest innovative entrepreneurs to Switzerland, but also it will be self-funding by luring substantial investment capital. What is the appeal of Silicon Valley? Switzerland could create a stronger magnet that would have much more attraction than Silicon Valley and there are no competitors offering anything as desirable to high-tech innovators. Switzerland already has a good brand image with everything Swiss being thought of as high quality. If this plan is fulfilled Switzerland will undoubtedly be the next home of the global high-tech surge.

    The Seasteading Institute was founded by Google software engineer Patri Friedman, who is the grandson of Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman. The Seasteading Institute was largely funded by Pay Pal founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel. The concept of the Seasteading Institute is to establish a haven for creative people who want more freedom, including tech industry tycoons such as James R. Von Ehr II, recognized as a leader within the nanotechnology industry and is Founder and Chairman of Zyvex Technologies, Zyvex Labs, and Zycraft. James R. Von Ehr II sits on the Seasteading Institute Board of Trustees.

    The most creative people especially those who work in Information Technology (IT) are highly attracted to the prospect of freedom. This proposal advocates for the Swiss government to facilitate a concept similar to that of the Seasteading Institute. The proposed “Swiss Freedom City” autonomous zone could theoretically be as small as a single office building. Liberty-minded investors would be happy to buy suitable property to accommodate Swiss Freedom City. Freedom is an irresistible allurement. Such a milieu would attract many of the most creative and avant-garde visionaries from all over the world. The exact degree of appeal could be correlated by the level of freedom permitted there. This plan calls for the establishment of an autonomous region, under the protectorate of Switzerland but otherwise, the residents there would be free to manage their own affairs as libertarian anarcho-capitalists. Currently, there is no place on earth where this extent of freedom is tolerated.

    Many countries have free trade zones such as Songdo in South Korea and the Zone for Employment and Economic Development in Honduras (Spanish: Zonas de empleo y desarrollo económico, or ZEDE) which does permit some economic freedom and limited autonomy based on free-market capitalism in their ZEDE.
    Official website of ZEDE: https://www.tsc.gob.hn/biblioteca/index.php/leyes/503-ley-organica-de-las-zonas-de-empleo-y-desarrollo-economico-zede
    English description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zone_for_Employment_and_Economic_Development_(Honduras)

    This proposed Swiss autonomous region is a step beyond free-trade zones and would permit more autonomy following similar precedents as the autonomy China granted to Hong Kong or the status of Svalbard in Norway. Examples of similar agreements permitting autonomous regions within a country are the Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) that many nations have with NATO or the USA where the activities and military personnel are not subject to laws and regulations of the host nations.

    The German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is working to create a new Twitter and Facebook replacement. There is no safe haven for these kinds of creative entrepreneurial geniuses. Most creative geniuses crave freedom above all else and currently there is no competition. ZEDE is slightly competitive since it offers marginally more autonomy than any of the other existing free-trade zones but Honduras imposes their own bureaucracy consisting of a technical secretary, elected by a committee that will oversee ZEDE and enforcement of Honduran laws, therefore, this lack of independence is deterring most free-thinking leading-edge entrepreneurs. Honduras also has a negative image due to its high crime rates. If there could be a safer place that permitted a higher level of autonomy it would quickly become the richest city on earth. The surrounding area would also be greatly enriched as suppliers and providers of the workforce. Also, the Intellectual Property (IP) created by these people would also benefit the host nation, Switzerland. It would be good for Switzerland to become the new hub for technology.

    Freedom is the most attractive thing on earth and is also the rarest and most sought after thing on earth. The first place to actually incorporate the core concepts of a Rothbardian libertarian anarcho-capitalist society will quickly attract investment and will appeal to the smartest and most capable entrepreneurial freedom loving people from all over the world. This proposed Freedom City will create a brain-drain in the rest of the world if it is implemented. The world’s most creative scientists, inventors, engineers, artists, software designers, imaginative entrepreneurs, as well as many of the super-rich and super-stars would flock to any place that offered such a high level of freedom. If this plan is approved the following steps would need to be implemented.
    Step One: The first and most essential step would be to get permission from the Swiss government to set up an autonomous zone in Switzerland where the residents will not be restricted by Swiss laws. We need to acquire sufficient signatures to allow this proposal to be considered by the voters in Switzerland.
    A. Optional referendums: Any 50,000 Swiss citizens (or eight cantons) may request an optional referendum to contest a new or revised law. In the case of individual citizens, they must gather 50,000 signatures within 100 days. If the referendum goes ahead, the new law is passed or rejected by a simple majority of voters.
    B. Popular initiatives: Since 1891 citizens may also demand a change to the constitution via referendum by launching a popular initiative. It must be launched by a group of at least seven citizens and must then be backed by 100,000 signatures within 18 months to push it to a referendum. A double majority of the people and the cantons is required for it to pass.

    How Switzerland’s direct democracy system works:


    There are already some people in Switzerland who have a similar ideology such as The Pirate Party Switzerland (German: Piratenpartei Schweiz), is a minor political party (23rd largest) in Switzerland. https://www.pirateparty.ch

    Pirate Party is a label adopted by political parties in different countries. Pirate parties support civil rights, direct democracy (e-democracy) and participation in government, reform of copyright and patent law, free sharing of knowledge (open content), information privacy, transparency, freedom of information, free speech, anti-corruption, and net neutrality. The Pirate Party currently holds no seats in the Swiss government but its members tend to be young, Internet-savvy, social media active, and enthused.

    The third largest political party in Switzerland is the FDP Die Liberalen (Libertarian)


    As a classically liberal party, the FDP the believes that an open society and economic freedom are more conducive to prosperity, and greater economic and social stability, rather than a redistributive and regulative state. The FDP wants more freedom of choice rather than restrictions in all areas of private life. According to the party’s stance, self-responsibility and competition should dictate the actions of individuals, rather than bans. The FDP wants to ensure that personal initiative is rewarded and not restricted by paternalism. Start-ups, particularly by young people, are to be encouraged. It is the joint-largest party in the Federal Council, the third-largest party in the National Council, and the largest in the Council of States.

    The largest political party in Switzerland is the Schweizerische Volkspartei, SVP


    There are many voters in SVP who might be interested in Swiss Freedom City if we can reach them with persuasive publicity. The SVP adheres to national conservatism, aiming at the preservation of Switzerland’s political sovereignty and a conservative society. Furthermore, the party promotes the principle of individual responsibility and is skeptical of any expansion of governmental services. This stance is most evident in the rejection of accession of Switzerland to the European Union, the rejection of military involvement abroad, and the rejection of increases in government spending on social welfare and education.

    Step Two: If the Swiss referendum is passed and we are granted autonomy, then we shall prepare a press release announcing the formation of a new autonomous zone in Switzerland that is conducive to creative entrepreneurs especially those in the field of Information Technology (IT) and other innovative new high-tech industries. The press release should highlight the many advantages of Switzerland including an educated workforce, unparalleled political stability and peace, first-world infrastructure, a reputation of high-quality workmanship, eminent brand image, and much more. Then contact existing organizations that advocate for the Seasteading Institute and similar concepts. After getting all the free publicity that is readily available, finally, begin an online advertising campaign aimed at Silicon Valley software developers and other high-tech tycoons. I am willing and able to finance and implement such an advertising campaign if this plan is approved.

    Step Three: Take applications from potential residents and choose those who have the most to offer, either by capital investment or creative talent.

    Additional points to consider

    Point One: There are similar proposals for autonomous libertarian free-market zones under consideration around the world. For example, on January 4, 2018, Senator Paul Schumacher of Columbus, Nebraska, USA introduced Bill LR269CA – Constitutional amendment to authorize the Legislature to delegate complete or partial sovereignty to one area of the state.


    also Liberland:


    And there are other similar proposals worldwide at various stages of consideration.

    Point Two: Numerous libertarian organizations support the freedom concept advocated for in the aforementioned proposal, such as the Cato Institute, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS), The Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF), The Center for Libertarian Studies (CLS), The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), The Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE), Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, The Fraser Institute, The Independent Institute, The Independence Institute (II), The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS), The Institute for Justice (IJ), The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), The Niskanen Center, The Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy (PRI), The Reason Foundation, and in addition to these think-tanks there are many more online libertarian groups such as The Voluntaryist Initiative, Anarcho-Capitalism, etc. These institutes have millions of members worldwide and they can reach beyond their member lists to many more freedom-minded people who are seeking a safe haven for like-minded free-market libertarians. I have contact information for all of them.

    Point Three: Several entrepreneurs and inventors have already expressed specific interest in this Swiss proposal including members of the Seastead Institute, John McMillian, the CEO of Shockwave Motors, Daniel Woody the inventor of the BLTE Engine, and several other successful entrepreneurs. Why should you take my advice? I have numerous connections. I can bring many people and generate a lot of free publicity for this project if this proposal is approved or if a reasonable compromise agreement can be reached.

    Point Four: Many people are pessimistic about the future. Few people seem to think that we are headed to a world with more freedom and most people think we are headed into a world with less freedom. We cannot guess what the future holds, but we can gauge what people are thinking now, and the current mood of the majority is pessimistic which would make freedom city more attractive.


    A sample draft charter of the proposed region could be as follows:

    Swiss Freedom City

    The anarcho-capitalist libertarian society of Freedom City Switzerland has been established in an autonomous region under the protectorate of Switzerland. Applicants can submit their personal and/or business profiles and provide convincing verifiable details of how they would be beneficial to Freedom City. The Swiss Freedom City Selection Committee will select from among the applicants those who are most likely to contribute to the success of Freedom City. Freedom City Switzerland is seeking creative citizens to immigrate to its liberty oriented community based on the principles of libertarian anarcho-capitalism which are similar to the Libertarian Platform.


    Reading the Vision/Strategy of the Seasteading Institute and the Libertarian Platform will give you a general idea of the Freedom City concept, however, we differ by leaning more in the direction of personal freedom and freedom for entrepreneurs. Our concept is simple, the guiding principle of Freedom City is a hands-off policy. In other words, this libertarian anarcho-capitalist society would operate under the universal non-aggression principle (NAP) where you are free to live as you like without any governmental (or HOA) intrusion. The free-market will supply services such as security, dispute resolution, and infrastructure that will eliminate the need for state force. Instead of confiscatory taxes, you will only need to pay for the competitive free-market services and vendors that you choose. The German philosopher Immanuel Kant described this style of society as “Law and Freedom without Force.”

    As an American, I wish a Freedom City were possible in the USA. Maybe someday it will be, but in the meantime, Switzerland does currently have a system that can facilitate the creation of a Freedom City, but it will require considerable effort to get the necessary votes. I appreciate any feedback.

    Arthur Wyss

    • Han van der Gaarden says:

      Hi Arthur, thanks for all the info and great ideas. Keep in mind that true power is personal and freedom is power.
      The only thing we humans need to learn is how to save it by curtailing our importance and self pity, erase bad habits……

      Canada has great potential as a gathering place for freedom skeelers.
      Anyway, good luck.

  3. Deniz says:

    hello friends I have a dream too: ADM: Anti Data Movement, it is a very fresh start for me, I have only a manifesto the vision, it is the first day of my movement please look and share the vision: antidatamovement.blogspot.com
    I need all the help. Today is the first day.

  4. Francis LAU says:

    My name is Francis LAU, I run an non-profitable organization in Hong Kong namely Hong Kong SME Organization (HKSMEO) since 16th June 2014, the members of HKSMEO are very egar to join your PPI to promote personal freedom and freedom for entrepreneurs.

    Do you have PPI in Kong Kong that my members can join your esteemed organization ?

  5. Hi everyone
    My name’s Carlos I was born in Cape Verde Islands under the Portuguese administration. Cape Verde became independent in 5th July 1975. Therefore I have dual nacionality: Capeverdean and Portuguese.
    I found about PPI online, while I was doing a research non related to politics. However I was glad that I end up in PPI website.
    That’s why I would like to ask how I can join as individual and dream that one day I will bring PP to Cape Verde Islands. As an young country I believe we can do better and try something new that can protect our freedom and independency. I am a bit tired of this global corporation world. I so hope for some “help” here to achieve my dream/goal.
    Thank you
    PS: I do live in London

  6. Mikoeko says:

    Nice postee!

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