Introducing PPI Zoom meetings – taking collaboration to a new level

Introducing PPI Zoom meetings – taking collaboration to a new level

Pirate Parties International’s mission statement points towards us attempting to help our members cooperate between countries and continents. We also focus strongly on transparency in our own operation. Therefore we have decided to test out a technical platform that brings us together despite the number of miles between us. We have chosen to start using video conference solution.

Zoom has video, audio, blackboard, chat, screen sharing, polling and annotations. Furthermore it lets us record all of those interactions. When we choose, it is end to end encrypted. What sets Zoom apart is that we can talk with video with up to 100 participants. During our testing we have found that Zoom does not use more than a maximum of 350 Kb/s of any one clients or persons bandwidth. It beats all other solutions we have tried by a mile. Furthermore you can call in from a phone with toll free numbers in a whole host of different countries across the globe. To see how Zoom works go to this Youtube video.

1. Membership and Activist Meetings

Once a month or so, our co-chair, Bailey Lamon leads meetings open to the public. The next meeting will be middle to late October. Please leave your preference on meeting times in this Doodle. Please click here, (opens in new tab)

Anyone can join in and choose if they want to be audio only or simply lurk and listen. Feel free to contact us for ideas on topics or ideas on how the meetings should be organized. As of now we run an open house policy.

2. Board meetings

In the past we have run our meetings using Mumble. We have tested using Zoom at one meeting and until further notice the meetings will be in Zoom. Minutes, audio and video will be posted publicly as before.

3. General Assembly

In 2017 we will run our General Assembly from Geneva on November 25/26. It will be run through Zoom so that everyone can join in and participate freely. The decision is partly made because of feedback from members after our Berlin GA and partly for economic reasons. Both PPI’s and our members economy has been taken into account. We aim to blur the lines between an online General Assembly and a real world one. The board believes that this will significantly increase the chance of success, and that this is a peak into a future with more cooperation and activity.

The Board and some support staff will gather as a panel in Geneva, our headquarters, to run the GA itself. Think of Zoom as the auditorium with room for hundreds of participants and the panel as being on a stage.

Raymond Johansen

Board of Directors - Pirate Parties International International Coordinator - Pirate Party of Norway Advisory Board Member - FreeAnons Human Rights & Privacy Activist Hacktivist & Whistleblower support Contributing Editor at several blogs

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4 Responses

  1. desertrold

    October 2, 2017, 18:15:37

    link’s broken -> instead of

    Why piratens won’t use this software:

    * proprietary software
    * pay service
    * inside US
    * group limit of 40min

    -> participation will go down -> Not a good choice.

    1. Raymond Johansen

      October 2, 2017, 21:16:00

      Thank you for your comment. It does not cost anything to attend a meeting and it does not require a server installation and has no running costs. There is no time limit to attend a meeting. It only costs money for a user if they themselves like it so much they want to host a meeting using Zoom.

      1. desertrold

        October 3, 2017, 17:53:05


  2. desertrold

    October 23, 2017, 16:33:36

    Btw ppAT is now waiting 3 weeks for a response on their official inquiry about using zoom and the votes that have or heaven’t been taken. One could at least respond in any form to this and not totally ignore a formal request from a member party. You know. Manners.

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