Call to Action: Support for Pirates During EU Elections!

Call to Action: Support for Pirates During EU Elections!

Let’s make it happen! More pirates in the EU Parliament!

From the 23rd to the 26th of May, all EU-countries will be having elections again to vote for the European Parliament. The recent copyright directive that has passed is just another confirmation of what we already know: We need pirates in the European Parliament!

A local chapter of the Pirate Party of The Netherlands, the Piratenpartij Utrecht (PPU) has already started their own initiative: A social media campaign to support pirates online in their own country.

So let’s make it happen! Join the PPU initiative below or start your own campaign!

Message received from Maarten van der Pol, chair of the Piratenpartij Utrecht.

Dear Pirates,

For the upcoming EU elections we all would like to see as much pirates in parliament as possible. The Dutch Pirate Party will not be participating in the upcoming elections, so we (Pirate Party Utrecht) would like to help getting Pirates elected by starting a social media campaign over Twitter and Facebook.

Therefore we ask the following of you:

– A short (max. 1-2 minute(s)) video of one or more candidates running for MEP in your country, explaining why it is important to have us pirates in parliament and encouraging people to vote. This can be in any language.

– An English translation of your speech in the video (to add to our message).

– The social media accounts we can mention in our posts.

– The exact date elections will be held in your country (EU elections are to be held between the 23th and 26th of may).

– If applicable: a list of geographic locations you would primarily like to target.

Note: we will only target geographic locations, no other forms of targeting will be used.

We will also be crowdfunding to fund this campaign. Any funds we get will be evenly divided between the target countries. If you’d like to help please use one of the following options:

Bank details: IBAN NL84RABO0336969171 BIC RABONL2U
Bitcoin: 1AWbMrg6rGs4fo1Bs1r4SaQDax43GtRH1b

If you would like to participate (or help in any other way) please let us know at

Kind regards,

On behalf of the Piratenpartij Utrecht

Maarten van der Pol
0031-647320520 /