PPI board meeting Wednesday, October 6th

PPI board meeting Wednesday, October 6th

All are welcome to PPI’s monthly board meeting Wednesday, October 6th. Find us at BigBlueButton. An audio alternative is @PiratesOnAir’s live stream. Meeting times are:

04:00pm CEST
02:00pm UTC
10:00am EST

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  1. Well hi there Pirates,

    We heard you had a meet !

    hope you all are well and in great shape for the meeting later on.
    We will join you from my hometown Antwerp as an observator for the PPBE.
    My name is Jelle and I’m the captain of the Pirate Party Antwerp, probably the most active crew of Belgium.

    We participated every time in the elections for the last decade and see this as our main objective.
    Alas we’re also a bit understaffed so that’s why you haven’t heard from us. So we’re changing that ! 🙂
    Our next election isn’t until 2024 but we aim a bit higher now so we start a bit sooner.

    Just put up a new website for the PPA (in dutch but multilingual) in which we focus more on interconnectivity, crew members and their specialties, tools and platforms. Please have a look and let us know what you think. Your input is very valuable. You’re also welcome to join. https://antwerpen.piratenpartij.vlaanderen

    We think it’s important to keep lines open in these technological challenging times and are differentiating the information from a perceptional standpoint. We are involved in research around the implementation of the so-called Virtual Identity here (open collab platform: https://virtualidentity.be) and set up a chapter for the Pirate Times anew here: https://piratetimes.org to report more frequently on the Pirate Parties’ elections, standpoints and evolutions, in Europe and abroad.

    We think taking up the role of the fourth power – the media – can be balanced by transparent empathic ‘objective’ reporting and is necessary in the political ‘game’ where we create from one story seventeen different versions. I also have a format for this.

    We’re also pretty interested in the commons – support and promote them wherever possible – and more specifically in cooperative data-commons, a ‘new’ niche ? How does your party handle the flow of personal data? Do you have a vision for it ?

    Ofcourse we form a part of the PPBE and together with other crews we’re setting up the next ‘big’ meet within a short period of time. Keep u posted.

    So, that’s my short intro, with more questions than answers. 😉
    Hope to get to know you later on a bit better.

    Thank you for interest and hard work !


  2. admin says:

    Hello Jelle,

    did you notice that we have rebuilt Pirate Times?


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