Public Statement from Pirate Party of Chile on the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 Coup d’Etat in Chile

Public Statement from Pirate Party of Chile on the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 Coup d’Etat in Chile

September 11, 2023.

Fifty years after the bombing of La Moneda and the beginning of a terrorist dictatorship led by the
military and right-wing civilians, the Pirate Party of Chile, along with condemning the events that
occurred five decades ago, the seventeen years of horror, the thousands of human rights violations and
the permanent obstruction to the clarification of the facts, the timely action of justice and reparations to
the victims, declares that the wounds and traumas that still affect our society must necessarily be
addressed in order to move forward in the construction of a healthy society, in which every person and
every community can grow and develop fully.

On this particular date, we demand that the institutions of the Republic comply with their constitutional
obligations and, together with the political forces that make up the Executive and Legislative Powers,
make significant progress in resolving and repairing the debts that the State maintains with the victims,
the historical truth and society as a whole; debts that only undermine the foundations of our

With deep regret and concern we see in opinion polls and academic studies that, during the last decade,
democracy, its values and Human Rights have been losing relevance in the culture and civic
consciousness of our society, a situation that weakens any initiative that aims to provide guarantees of

With the memory of the high costs paid by the people of Chile after the events of September 1973, we
call on society to deepen the commitment to our democracy, condemning all types of negationism,
ceasing to try to obtain political-partisan gains with the advances in justice and reparations, combating
public and private corruption, prioritizing transformations that structurally allow us to resolve the most
heartfelt demands of the population, and create the conditions to successfully face the challenges of this
century. Only in this way will we be able to make real the desire of Never Again.

For a better democracy. Truth, justice and reparation!

Partido Pirata de Chile