Next Board Meeting Tuesday, Feb 13th at 14:00 UTC and United Nations Working Group Meeting

Next Board Meeting Tuesday, Feb 13th at 14:00 UTC and United Nations Working Group Meeting

Ahoy Pirates,

PPI’s next board meeting will take place on JTuesday, Feb 13th at 14:00 UTC. Everyone is welcome to attend. The meeting will take place on Jitsi:

We also announce that we will have a UN Working Group Meeting (AKA SCUBA). This meeting will take place on Thursday, Feb. 8th at 20:00 UTC. We will also old the meeting in our PPI Jitsi:

Minutes from the last meeting are here:

The following is a summary. We discuss the following:

  1. Issues related to UN ground passes and participation discussed.
  2. Bailey Lamon reported on PP Canada.
  3. Sebastian Krone inquired about data processing contracts for Discourse.
  4. Joseph from USPP discussed their decision to withdraw as observer members.
  • Proposals:
    • General Secretary position to be filled.
    • Alexander Isavnin was nominated and elected as the General Secretary.
  • Working Groups Update:
    • Discussion on the need for more working groups.
    • Existing committees highlighted: SCENE, SCUBA, SCULL, SCURVY.
    • Call for ideas for new working groups.
  • Economic Update:
    • Treasurer reported not having access to the bank account yet.
    • Financial statement to be updated once data is available.
    • Discussion on the International Governance Forum (IGF) 2024.
    • Ground passes and thematic input for IGF 2024 discussed.
  • PPI HQ Update:
    • Plans to present a concept for problem-solving at the next meeting.
    • Election of the board for the headquarters discussed.
  • Any Other Business (AOB):
  • Keith shared information about upcoming events and conferences.
  • Next Board Meeting scheduled for February 13, 2024, at 14:00 UTC.
  • Meeting closed at 10:45 UTC by Keith.

The meeting covered various topics, including member reports, proposals, working groups, financial updates, and plans for the PPI headquarters.

Thank you for your continued support!