Next AI Working Group Meeting on March 16th @ 19:00 UTC

Next AI Working Group Meeting on March 16th @ 19:00 UTC

We will hold the next AI working group meeting on March 16th on our Jitsi channel:

The following is a summary of the upcoming event:

We are planning to hold the event around this same time, once a month. The last meeting was on February 24th.

The AI Working Group meeting focused on exploring AI’s potential in supporting individual Pirate Parties and Pirates. Discussions covered AI applications, including the creation of a Python server for information leverage, training models, and hosting. Google and OpenAI were highlighted for their robust features. Projects like Ollama AI Models were also discussed as a more Pirate friendly system.

We will work on creating tutorials, such as YouTube videos that can help out Pirate parties and individuals who are looking for privacy friendly AI tools as well as policy evaluations.

The following is the AI Working Group Agenda:

Date:16 mar 2024

Time:19:00 UK

Location: Jitsi ->


1. **Actions Taken Since Last Meeting:**

– Summary of progress made on previous action items.

– Updates on AI applications discussed and any advancements.

2. **Planning AI Project Implementation Goals:**

–  Call for any expansion of the list of intended or potential Projects by Participants

– Discuss potential impacts and metrics relevant to measuring  of AI initiatives with Pirate Party objectives to establish effectiveness of project utility

3. **Access to GitHub Repository (Version Control):**

– Sharing access to the Pirate AI Working Group GitHub repository.

– Collaborative development strategies and guidelines.

4. **BOINC Implementation Update (For leveraging Donated Compute Resources):**

– Status update on the integration of BOINC for resource sharing.

– Discussion on any delays and strategies to mitigate them.

** Templating Docker Images (Containers and Network Engineering):**

– Prioritising the establishment of secure containerized resource coordination.

– Leveraging Docker and Docker Compose for virtual network management.

– Identifying strategies to ensure network security and efficiency.

– Discussion on coordinating multiple containerized resources across different environments.

**Ongoing Projects:**

– Creating a Python server for integrations across multiple models, to serve as a basis for development of coordinating multiple models into an overall multimodal AI for addressing more complex use-cases.  Using a basic api connection with a single model as the starting point.

–  Self-hosting a fully trained LLama as a LLM for use with Pirate Applications and interfaces.

7. **Open Floor for Additional Discussion:**

– Any additional topics or concerns from participants.

– Soliciting feedback and suggestions for improving group effectiveness.

**Next Meeting:**

– **Date:**  Every third Saturday of the month

– **Time:** 20:00 UTC

– **Location:** Jitsi

– **Frequency:** Monthly

– Contact information for key members of the AI Working Group.
– Additional resources or references relevant to AI development and governance.


Image of Chimera with Creative Commons licence from Clarote & AI4Media / Better Images of AI / User/Chimera / CC-BY 4.0

Image of data hazards with Creative Commons licence from Yasmin Dwiputri & Data Hazards Project / Better Images of AI / Safety Precautions / CC-BY 4.0

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