Eight years! – Pirate Parties International

Eight years! – Pirate Parties International

Eight years! – Pirate Parties International

What a long trip it has been since the creation of PPI eight years ago! So many people voluntereed and contributed to the development of this unique global NGO. The current board would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for their contributions and their work towards the development of PPI.

Where are we at 8 years later? PPI has become a global player. We are a consultative member of the UN ECOSOC committee and an observer at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Having developed a broad network of supporters has enabled us today to broadcast information to over 20 million people.

With the Think Twice and Pirate Security conferences, PPI is supporting and developing events and publication platforms that enable us to address and discuss pressing issues.

Our board is also evolving. Our representatives do not come from just Europe alone anymore. We have members from North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, and various European countries. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, including activists and elected officials.

We intend on continuing our development towards becoming a truly global organisation that is able to support pirate movements while engaging in high impact actions, such as the delivery of formal announcements about privacy protection to the UN and significant global policy institutions.

PPI is making a difference. We are attracting a larger and more diverse community of supporters. We thank you for your interest and continued support!