Standing Committee on Universal Liason on Party Labour (SCULL), Meeting #3 – Democracy Tools

Standing Committee on Universal Liason on Party Labour (SCULL), Meeting #3 – Democracy Tools

Dear Pirates,

We are happy to announce the third meeting of the Standing Committee on Universal Liason on Party Labour, aka SCULL! 


When: Wednesday, July 22nd at 18:00 UTC/20:00 CEST



If you have been to a SCULL meeting before, you know that this is a standing committee focusing on inter-party cooperation and the day to day work of a running a Pirate Party. The first SCULL meeting was centered around information technology, while the second meeting topic was graphics and design which resulted in a new PPI graphics vault that all Pirates can connect to through Nextcloud:


The topic for this meeting is Democracy Tools. 


As Pirates, we take the democratic process very seriously. There are, however, different tools and methods for engaging in that process. This is why we are inviting you to attend this meeting and share your best practices  when it comes to internal democracy in your party and what tools you use to support that. How do you make official decisions? Are you liquid feedback kinda people? Or is Loomio more up your alley? Does Redmine make you miserable or do you love it? We hear Congressus is a pretty great tool!


Also, we’re not just talking about tech tools here…there is also a human element, “social tools” if you will, that are equally important. How do you make sure that every voice gets heard, and that every person feels welcome in speaking up on important issues and decisions? How do you rectify situations where that isn’t the case? We COULD just call this “teamwork” or “listening”…but nevertheless, this is always a challenge in any political movement, and it has everything to do with democracy. 


So please join us in what will hopefully be a fascinating and informative conversation about everything to do with democracy and being true to our ourselves as Pirates. 


We can’t wait to see you!


PPI Board 2020