ANNOUNCEMENT: PPI General Assembly December 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: PPI General Assembly December 2020
Dear Pirates,
It is almost the end of the year, and thus it is time to start preparing for our final General Assembly of 2020.
We are pleased to announce that our end-of-year General Assembly will take place the first weekend of December: Saturday, December 5th and Sunday, December 6th, beginning at 10:00 UTC/11:00 CET both days. The communication channel will be open from 09:00 UTC/10:00 CET.
Our last GA was on May 30th and it was only one day, but this next one will need to be 2 days because there is simply more to cover. There will be more reports to give as well as elections, in addition to the usual voting on motions and statute amendments as well as accepting new PPI members. Please note that there is no deadline for registering delegates, submitting motions or nominations, but the deadline for submitting statute amendments and submitting a membership application to PPI is 4 weeks before the GA: Saturday, November 7th.
We will need nominations for the following positions in PPI:
    -1 chairperson
    -4 board members
    -1 alternate board member
    -6 Court of Arbitration members
    -3 lay auditors
Please register your delegates by emailing the PPI board: You can submit your Motions, Statute Amendments and nominations for PPI positions on the following Discourse forum, where we also encourage you to discuss and debate submissions leading up to the event:
This GA will of course be entirely online and we need to decide together how to go about it, whether we use a video conferencing tool or audio only. We would like to invite you to a technical test on Friday, November 6th at 18:00 UTC/20:00 CET. We will meet in the PPI Big Blue Button room: The point of this test is to see if BBB will work for a GA, so it is important that all of our members send at least one delegate to this test. Feel free to bring your suggestions for other tools to try as well, or give us your suggestions beforehand. Otherwise, if everything fails during the test, we will hold the GA on Mumble.
Last but not least, we will of course have a social event on the Friday before the GA, December 4th, as it coincides with our regular ‘Pirate Beer’ meetup on Big Blue Button.
We look forward to meeting with you again, reflecting on the past year and making plans for the future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email with any questions or comments.
Best wishes,
PPI Board 2020