The PPCZ STAN Coalition

The PPCZ STAN Coalition

The Czech Pirates approved the coalition agreement with the STAN movement. They are going to the 2021 parliamentary elections together!

Prague, January 12 2021 – The Czech Pirates just approved a coalition agreement with the “Mayors and Independents” movement (STAN) in a final vote. They confirmed that they are going together to the upcoming parliamentary elections. Almost 79% of party members supported the proposal. The referendum saw a high turnout of almost 77% of Czech Pirates taking part.

“I am very pleased that the members of the Czech Pirate Party have approved the coalition agreement between the Pirates and the STAN movement. It is a very strong mandate which I value highly and, above all, I thank my fellow party members for delivering it. I believe that we will not disappoint the trust and that the cooperation of the Pirates and STAN will succeed in the elections and that we will participate together in the management of this country and will be able to fulfil our program,” said the Czech Pirates’ chair Ivan Bartoš, who also thanked STAN for the constructive negotiations on the final look of the coalition agreement.

“As we have already announced, it is a solid cooperation standing on solid foundations, which will not fall apart even after the election. We intend to succeed and reach the highest goal – to be the election’s winner. We are ready, if we have the opportunity, to take the lead in this country in its most difficult times. In times of economically devastated country. In times when many people and companies are going under. However, I am convinced that together with STAN we will help bringing the country out of the crisis. In connection with STAN, I see great hope for this country. Together, we want to offer a fair, modern and secure state of the 21st century, a state based on a value-added economy. A state that will not let people sink, but at the same time will not interfere too much in their lives if they do not want it themselves,” Bartoš added.

“I am very pleased with the results of the vote. I enjoy the clear support for the coalition amongst my colleagues. We want to work together to cope as best as possible with the effects of the COVID crisis, which the government does not want to deal with,” commented Olga Richterová, the party’s first deputy chair.

“I too would like to thank the members for their support and votes for this cooperation. Now we shall work on the details of our common program, rough contours of which are already set. We will be bringing the state closer to its citizens, with respect for self-government, digitization, low taxes, affordable health care in the regions, climate and nature protection, innovation and, of course, no place for corruption. Currently, the lists of candidates are being put together through the primary elections. In accordance with the coalition agreement, Ivan Bartoš is the coalition’s candidate for prime minister,” added Jakub Michálek, chair of the Pirate MP club in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, where the Pirates currently occupy 22 out of 200 seats.

The expected results for the coalition differ widely and the election is still nine months away (it will take place on October 8th and 9th 2021). Currently, no polls of the coalition as a whole were conducted, but in the rest, Pirates seem to be attacking the 20% mark, while STAN is usually polling around 10%. Coalition of the two subject is hoped to bring the downfall of the ANO party and its current chair, newspaper magnate and one of the richest people in the country, the sitting prime minister, Andrej Babiš. Fingers crossed to the Czechs!