Happy Birthday Pirate Parties International!

Happy Birthday Pirate Parties International!

Happy Birthday, PPI. After 12 years, we look forward to our teens.

Currently, 54 organizations are members of Pirate Parties International. Membership in PPI is open to parties and other organizations. Individuals can also become supporting members.

The goals of the association are:

a) to act according to the major interests and goals of our members,
b) to raise awareness and widen the spread of the pirate movement,
c) to support the Pirate movement and strengthen its bonds internally and externally, and
d) to promote and support human rights and fundamental freedoms.

To accomplish these objectives, the association shall, among other things:

a) provide for and extend communication between the members of the association,
b) assist in the foundation of new Pirate parties,
c) organize and coordinate global campaigns and events,
d) act as mediator or arbitrator for any disputes between Members if requested to do so,
e) share information and coordinate research on the core pirate topics,
f) contact NGO’s, administrations and international organizations, and
g) act as a contact center for the Pirate movement.

We are proud of our members and what we have accomplished together so far, and we continue to look ahead with optimism. We thank you for all the work you have put in over the years, and we know that through more collaboration, cooperation and passion for our common goals and values, the international Pirate movement will only grow stronger. As time goes on, Pirate values become more relevant and necessary in this chaotic, yet fascinating and beautiful world. Thank you for being a part of this journey.