AI Working Group Meeting on Feb. 24 at 20:00 UTC

AI Working Group Meeting on Feb. 24 at 20:00 UTC

Calling all interested individuals!

Date: February 24th

Time: 20:00 UTC

Location: Pirate Parties International Discord Voice Channel at the Pirate Parties International Discord:

We’re excited to announce the first meeting of the Pirate Party International Working Group on AI. Join us on February 24th to collaborate on setting up this initiative. Your input and participation are invaluable as we chart our course forward.

The focus of our discussions will be on exploring AI’s potential as a tool to support individual Pirate Parties and the Individual Pirates. From optimising election campaigns to enhancing organisational efficiency, the possibilities are vast. Additionally, we’ll emphasise the importance of AI ethics, safety, and bias mitigation, prioritising responsible development and risk mitigation.

While our primary focus is on advancing the goals of the Pirate Party International, individuals from all backgrounds are welcome to join us. Together, let’s chart a course towards a future where AI empowers political activism, enhances democratic processes, and upholds our shared values.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Let’s shape the future of AI together.