Social Media Working Group Review

Social Media Working Group Review

On April 17th PPI held a double working group event of the SCENE (social media) and AI groups. We present a brief overview of the social media working group here.

We also announce that since the participants were so excited about the progress that we scheduled the next working group to take place in just one week: 25th April 18:00 UTC, again on our Jitsi:

The social media group discussed was chaired by Bailey Lamon. We assessed the current state of PPI’s social media accounts and devised a strategy to open new accounts, give access to people to make posts, and discussed ways of making content and posting routinely. Most of our social media activities take place on Twitter X and Facebook, but we discussed other venues from Instagram to TikTok where we might amplify our messages. We discussed the issue of having too many channels without routine posts can be a problem, but it is also good to stay fresh with the times and post on channels people are watching. We also discussed the importance of using open source channels, such as Mattermost.  Every platform was up for discussion as participants shared their insights and experiences. Some praised the idea of posting any content, while others raised concerns about consistency and audience engagement. We do need more people posting content, and we hope that we can get more volunteers. However, we also need to be careful that the content that is posted is not offensive or opposed to our principles. We also discussed strategies, from targeted campaigns to collaboration with other Pirate parties.


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  1. Hey mates 🙂
    I am really looking into giiving back your page on Facebook, I kept trying every now and then but its’ just getting more complex over time with split Business Suite and Commerce Suite on Facebook.
    I want to asure you nothing wrong is going to ever happen with it, however it may sound right now, I’ve built that community and have never been odiously destrucitve with assests, organisational assets for that matter in particular,
    If anyone can reach out to help me out with it, it’d be appreciated <3

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