Statement from Pirate Party of Israel on the Hamas Massacre of October 7th and the Gaza-Israel War

Statement from Pirate Party of Israel on the Hamas Massacre of October 7th and the Gaza-Israel War

At sunrise on October 7th, thousands of participants at the peaceful NOVA music festival were brutally attacked and massacred by Hamas terrorists, resulting in over 260 butchered, and hundreds shot and injured. As an after-party, thousands of Hamas militants continued to carry out brutal massacres, torturing and mutilating bodies across civilian populations bordering the Gaza strip, killing men, women, children and pets indiscriminately. All this occurred amidst thousands of missiles being launched simultaneously towards urban communities across Israel. By sunset on October 7th there were over 1,400 killed and over 200 taken hostage, representing various nationalities worldwide. 

The atrocities that occurred on October 7th haven’t been seen in this land for ages. It was the most casualties in an attack against Jews since the Holocaust. This means war. 

Hamas waged war against the existence of the state of Israel, against democratic values, and against any attempt to promote peace in the region.

We believe Hamas and its allies should be held accountable. The horrific attack of October 7th should be condemned unilaterally. No matter what the end goal is, the brutality exhibited October 7th by Hamas is unacceptable, and should be uprooted. It is imperative for the Israeli government to take proactive measures to prevent the slaughter of civilians. We swore “never again” would we let our people be slaughtered.

Israel is a small country, and it is the only country we have. All of us are called to action. Many of us now find ourselves in uniforms, forced to deal with our enemies who will show no mercy. In these times, we remember that the first pirates were mostly Jewish individuals who fled Spain during the Inquisition. Pirates in Israel underscore a longstanding tradition of standing up to those who seek to harm us and holding our adversaries accountable.

Both Israeli and Palestinian leaderships have failed their people. We call for the immediate resignation of the government, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, for failing to adequately prepare for the foreseeable conflict and failed political leadership. Swift elections must be called to select a new leadership. 

As to our Palestinian neighbours, a plan must be developed to remove Hamas from power in Gaza and end the cycle of violence once and for all. We hope and wish the Palestinian people will evolve into an open and democratic society that can coexist peacefully with Israel.

We call on the immediate release of all hostages, mourn civilian casualties from all sides, and are sorry to see large populations of Israelis and Palestinians who are being displaced. We remember that war is ugly and hope it will end soon.

This war is represented in online environments designed to simplify, generalise and engage people, inducing hate, fake news and controversy. We call on pirates to promote respectful and dignified debates about the conflict that can foster a healthy attitude aimed towards peace and love, instead of war and violence. We request that online communities preserve freedom of speech, while keeping the coverage and debate about the conflict open, truthful and dignified, aimed towards peace.

This region will again produce unsettling photos, as Israel is forced to demilitarise Gaza and rockets continue to target urban centers in Israel. 

We ask pirates worldwide, and the online community as a whole, to keep an eye on the larger picture, to take a stance and maintain a respectful and responsible debate, based on facts and inclusiveness, working together towards a better and brighter future that will promote prosperity and peace to this occasionally blessed land.