AI Working Group Review

AI Working Group Review

The AI Working Group convened for its 3rd meeting immediately after the social media working group. We had a lot of new faces who brought different ideas about the types of AI activities that we should engage. We began with updates on building the Ollama AI and a Python server. Since the main leaders of those projects were not present, we will need to have another meeting to discuss these projects in more detail.  We devoted time to establishing task assignments. We discussed leveraging the open-source Scrum Board software. Participants provided ideas on other AI platforms, such as Mistral. We also discussed using existent AI models and some of our ethical concerns with providing information to these models and using their content.

A public accessible Github page was started, but we still need to add a repository and other content:

Towards the end of the meeting we worked on combining the goals of the two working groups by having the AI group create content through prompts that the social media can use for infographics and other types of content. The Pirate Party of Russia shared how they have been creating videos with AI that they post on Youtube. The Pirate Party of Australia shared an AI safety and ethics course that they recommend: 

Participants also shared stories about how easy it is to write prompts for AI and get started with existing models, as such we created the graphics that you see in this blog.

The next AI working group will take place on 15th of May at 19:00 UTC.

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